Professional Memberships

In today's busy world, time and money are two of our most valuable commodities.

The Odyssey professional club pass delivers personal discount programs that will save you both time and money, discreetly.

When you dine at a participating restaurant, patronize your favorite business or require use of local services, just show your membership card with your method of payment and you'll enjoy a multitude of savings. Because you are a member of this exclusive club, your dining companions need never know.

We have experience working with some of the most prestigious companies in the area. These top employees choose Odyssey club pass for our discounts and personal services.

Let us show you how this works

Odyssey Unlimited

With an Odyssey club card membership, professional or individual will give you unlimited exclusive discounts and use for an entire year.

Your membership can be used with our huge database of vast merchants, restaurants, and services, so you are sure to receive substantial savings all year round.

In addition we will be adding more businesses all year round to and more value to your card

Individual Memberships

This is for our hard working class families who love to shop, eat out or need a particular service, at discounts.

It allows you year around discounts at various restaurants, businesses, service industries, merchants and more, with just one simple member card.

Without the hassle of clipping coupons, this is something you can use more than once.

Start saving more of your revenue and time, by getting the discounts you deserve all year around, for yourself and whole family.

Merchant Program

Now is the time to be a part of our exclusive Adventure for merchants.

Welcome aboard the Odyssey adventure.

When you sign up, we send you our members. Our members hold a beautiful membership card, and we relay them to be your loyal customers. They will show you this card for their discount. They will have full access to our database of merchants like you. We put your business in front of our members on a continual basis. Assuring our merchants a huge loyal clientele.

Most of our members are successful professionals, who entertain for their business.


S.M.A.R.T. Program

Now is the time to join us in an exclusive offer for merchants to come aboard the Odyssey Club Adventure. Let us show you how we have mapped out a course to bring customers directly to your business.

A majority of our members are successful professionals that are constantly looking to entertain, purchase special gifts or to wine & dine their clients.

We offer you, the merchant; your first year free to become part of our Strategic marketing program called S.M.A.R.T.

Odyssey Mobile

Finally with our smartphone application, we will put a direct link to your business right at the fingertips of all of our members. Our application will provide an instant search tailored to each of our merchants who have joined our Odyssey merchant's program.

Merchants will be able to bask in the sun as if they have hired an expensive marketing department and soak up an increase of sales & revenue.


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